Masterbatch is composed with excessive chemistry accessory ingredient, carrier resin and dispersants. Color masterbatch is made of ultra quantity of pigments (dyestuffs) which carries evenly in the resin.

Color masterbatch main components:

First, Pigment
Generally pigment is divided into organic colour pigment, like phthalocyanine green and the inorganic colour pigment like oxidation iron oxide red and the titanium. Dye like reductant pink, scattered orange and so on. Polyolefine and PVC color masterbatch use the pigment, generally speaking that the dye cannot use in the polyolefine coloration, otherwise it will cause the serious migration.

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Alex mark was established in 1997. It is an extentian of New Plasticana Company established in 1972 which had been one of the pioneering companies in plastic industry in Egypt.

Alex Mark is a pioneering company in the fields of manufacturing, imports and exports and supplying export equipments.

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