• Carrier Resin: Polyolefin
  • Filler: 80% CaCO3

  • Density: 1,80- 1,82 g/cm³
  • MFR: 12-14g/10 min (230°/21,6 kg)
  • Residual Moisture: < 0,05%
  • Apparence : White Pellets (Granule)

JULIANO PPR 120 is a Polyolefin Compound with, Calcium Carbonate. It’s suitable for PP rafia and it can mix with any PP products.

JULIANO PPR 120 with using Recommended Ratios, it gives the following specialities to production and final product. With its low cost, It saves the product and production costs. Due to the high heat conductivity, it saves the energy cost. By diffusing the heat to the dough more homogeneous, it increase the production capacity in unit time. It develops the Printing process.

JULIANO PPR 120 included additives provides Self cleaning It prevents sticking problem during the cutting process In printed film production it decrease the Corona application.

It can mix for the production of PP rafia we recommend a ratio between %5 - %8. This ratio can change according to the Machine

packed in 25kg. PP bags

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Alex mark was established in 1997. It is an extentian of New Plasticana Company established in 1972 which had been one of the pioneering companies in plastic industry in Egypt.

Alex Mark is a pioneering company in the fields of manufacturing, imports and exports and supplying export equipments.

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